About Us

Getting around can be a pain… let us help.

2022 OPM Goals

  • Increase public transit ridership
  • Drive carpooling growth
  • Partner with local government, property owners, and business owners

The OPM team brings together a robust knowledge of the Oyster Point area, public transit, sustainability, and so much more.

Lauren Bennett

Hi! I am the Head of External Transportation Partnerships for Genentech and gRide. My goal is to offer all 200+ companies in Oyster Point access to excellent commuter options so we can all avoid crushing congestion and keep Oyster Point a special place to come to work.

Melody Lin

I work on our transit connectors, bus share program, Oyster Point-wide initiatives, and growing the OPM network by sharing our programs with other companies!

A lot of my daily work includes checking in with partner companies, analyzing ridership data, assisting with optimizing bus operations, financials, planning for future projects, and answering questions to get folks excited about our services.

Andre Huff

I’m a transportation coordinator! I assist Lauren in getting our external partners to, from, and around Oyster Point. I work along side Melody in communicating with stakeholders in the community about our various commute options.

We live for transportation and puns! Send us any Oyster Point transportation puns and we might use them in our upcoming communications. Get crackin’!