Carpool Solutions

Carpooling reduces the number of cars on the road, it reduces energy consumption and emissions, it mitigates congestion, and reduces demand on our parking infrastructure. As a bonus, it connects people, sometimes strangers, and aren’t we all looking for a little bit of connection these days?

IMPORTANT RESOURCE is a joint powers agency (JPA) located in San Mateo County, California. The JPA is comprised of 19 cities and towns as well as the County of San Mateo. Their mission is to reduce the number of vehicle miles traveled (VMT) by commuters to decrease congestion, improve the environment, and enhance quality of life. Their vision is a region where all residents and employees have access to equitable, sustainable, affordable, and safe transportation options and use them as their primary modes when commuting on the Peninsula.

The website is a rich repository of tools that includes resources to help create a carpool or find an existing carpool near you. also has  a personalized commute planning tool offering custom commute recommendations based on your work schedule and other factors. also offers rewards for eligible carpoolers. Be sure to check out this amazing resource.