Alternative Commute

Other ways to commute

New friends and Oyster Point vistas make alternative commutes
an awesome option.

Looking for a commute option with a more flexible schedule or one that might allow you to get some fresh air and exercise? There are other ways to protect Oyster Point’s wellbeing and yours too.


Carpooling with a small group of neighbors with similar schedules can minimize traffic congestion and connect you with your peers.


A vanpool connects a slightly larger group of 5 to 15 folks with similar schedules who commute together in a van or SUV.


Biking around Oyster Point can be healthful and enjoyable. Find resource to make it a safe and efficient commute too.

Knowing that I’m going to have 30 minutes to unwind before I get home to my family and that I can share the responsibility of driving makes a carpool the best option for me.

Amy Blake, LexCorp

I love getting a mini workout before my workday even starts.
I can ride my bike to work year round! Can’t beat that!

Mike Wallace, Wayne Enterprises