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Help change the direction of Oyster Point traffic!

Your collaboration can have an impact!

Are your employees desperate for some relief from their commute to Oyster Point? Are you ready to offer them a great commute option that supports their health and wellbeing? We have a pearl of a solution for you!

Partnering with OPM is a simple way to support employees, improve Bay Area air quality and mitigate congestion at Oyster Point.

Offering programs that support an employee’s work-life balance, like commute solutions, can also improve employee morale and wellbeing. These programs can be valuable recruitment and retention tools providing access to talent that might otherwise be inaccessible.

It’s not news that lowering our carbon footprint is a shared responsibility. We owe it to ourselves and to our community to minimize the damage we do to our health and our earth. The long and short term benefits to our health and the cost savings on an individual and company level make commute collaboration a real and necessary endeavor.

Won’t you join us?


What can OPM offer your company:

  • Easy access to the convenient and flexible Genentech branded shuttles that connect Glen Park BART and Millbrae Caltrain to Oyster Point. FREE to all employees in Oyster Point. [get more info]
  • Access to our Bay Area commuter bus system. FEE BASED. [get more info]
  • Access to the Genentech Ferry system serving the Berkeley & San Leandro Marinas. FEE BASED. [get more info]
  • A coalition of like-minded employers who are solving today’s commute challenges by working together.
  • Connections to area programs that benefit Oyster Point commuters –
  • Subscribe to regular news updates regarding commuter programs, incentives and ways to get involved.


  • You’ve already taken the first step! Join us on this website and connect your employees with the resources we offer here! See, wasn’t that easy?
  • Would your company be interested in working to improve the commute to Oyster Point? Join the Oyster Point Commuter Coalition. Learn more here.
  • Looking for more, consider becoming one of our Bus & Ferry Share partners. These programs are tailored uniquely to each organization and their employees’ needs. Let’s talk, we would be happy to find something that works for your folks.



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Do you represent an employer in Oyster Point who would like to join the OPM Commuter Coalition? Please email Lauren at

Bus/Ferry Share

I want our staff to benefit from these amazing partnerships. Please contact me and let’s talk about a Bus/Ferry Share program.



In partnership with the Genentech transit shuttles, we’re able to provide employees direct access to their home destinations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. We look forward to continuing to provide award winning transportation solutions in the future for all of our customers at The Cove.” 

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