Connect to Transit

You already know the value of public transit. Let OPM close the loop.

Genentech and their Oyster Point area partners offer free service to/from Caltrain, BART and Public Ferry for commuters working in Oyster Point. Vehicles are wifi-equipped and designed to improve the door-to-door commute experience. This service is funded by a consortium of the life science property owners in Oyster Point. Members of the consortium include Alexandria, BioMed Realty, Gateway Owners Association, Genentech and Healthpeak and are committed to addressing the challenges of regional traffic congestion, air quality and employee well-being.

Service holidays can be found here. There is no service on these holidays.


Schedules and routes can be found on our public TripShot website. Use password “transportation” to receive access. (🚨 Important🚨 The TripShot website shows all current Genentech bus routes, only the Glen Park BART , Millbrae Caltrain, & Ferry Connector routes are available to Oyster Point tenants at this time.)


On the TripShot webpage, click the Routes tab on the left and search “Glen Park” or “Millbrae.” Once you’ve chosen a route, you can click the radio buttons to toggle between Inbound and Outbound. View the route maps and timetables by clicking the tabs at the top of the screen.


For more than 45 years, BART has been connecting communities in the Peninsula, East Bay and South Bay. OPM connects the Glen Park BART to businesses in Oyster Point.


Caltrain serves the Peninsula and Santa Clara Valley as far south as Gilroy. OPM connects the Millbrae Caltrain terminal to businesses in Oyster Point.


Arguably the most picturesque way to travel, the SF Bay Ferry serves area marinas including South San Francisco. OPM connects riders from the marina to Oyster Point.